the best man
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the best man

Hello! We’re ending the first season of the show with one juicy, juicy secret.

What happens when you’re about to get married to the man of your dreams but there’s just one problem? You can’t stop thinking about his best man.

Thank you so much to MECCA MAX for making this season possible. Pick up MECCA MAX’s Zoom Shadow Sticks for $19 and Liners for $17 in Mecca stores or online via or Don’t forget to follow MECCA MAX on Instagram or TikTok for the latest beauty trends and tips.

Got a secret you’re itching to spill? Write a letter addressed to ‘Annabelle Lee at Shameless Media’ and mail it to our PO BOX at 4091 Richmond East VIC 3121. Or, email it to [email protected]. Everything will be kept anonymous, of course.

Catch us on socials! @everybodyhasasecretpod on Instagram and @everybodyhasasecret on TikTok.

Your hosts today were Annabelle Lee (@annabe11e1ee) and Louis Hanson (@louishanson).

We love ya guts for listening! See you next Friday.

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