G’day, besties!
It started with a game of truth or dare and ended with one mammoth lie. Today, listener Hailey's secret submission got us asking the question of all questions: what degree of friendship betrayal is forgivable?
Thank you so much to Frank Body for making this episode possible. Shop 20% off sitewide with Frank Body’s biggest sale of the year at frankbody.com.
Got a secret you’re itching to spill? Write a letter addressed to ‘Annabelle Lee at Shameless Media’ and mail it to our PO BOX at 4091 Richmond East VIC 3121. Or, email it to [email protected]. Everything will be kept anonymous, of course.
Catch us on socials! @everybodyhasasecretpod on Instagram and @everybodyhasasecret on TikTok.
Your hosts today were Annabelle Lee (@annabe11e1ee) and Louis Hanson (@louishanson).
We love ya guts for listening! See you next Friday.

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