Angels of Fire
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Angels of Fire

Did you know that we must begin to cultivate a mindset for angelic so we can experience, partner, and release the angelic? Dr Candice Smithymann’s book, “Angels of Fire,” is not just an informative good read, it is a training manual and a resource on all things angels.  


What are angels? 

How can we partner with them to usher in God’s glory and the end time revival?  

Are there different types of angels?

Is there a hierarchy of angels?

What are ascension angels?


On today’s episode Dr Candice and I discuss these topics, questions, and much more.  We must start to expect angelic experiences so we can partner with what God wants to accomplish on the earth. 


You can connect with Dr Candice on her Website for teaching articles, podcasts, events, products, Glory Road TV show updates go to



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You can find her book, Releasing Heaven: Creating Supernatural Environment through Heavenly Encounters here:

You can preorder your copy of her new book Heavenly Portals which releases in March 2022 here:

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