Episode 260 - The Best Movie of the 1990s Tournament!
All You Can Hear · 173 minutes ·

Episode 260 - The Best Movie of the 1990s Tournament!

After a month of preparation, the time has come for the Lads to name the BEST MOVIE OF THE 1990S! They've watched all the movies and now they must debate to decide which of the 16 films chosen by AYCH listeners deserves to wear the crown. There will be hot takes, outbursts, and heated banter but only one will emerge from the chaos to be named the very best! Find out who wins in this outrageous episode!
00:00:00 - Intro
00:08:30 - Block A
00:40:40 - Block B
01:07:00 - Block C
01:42:06 - Block D
02:18:23 - Semifinals
02:41:18 - Finals
02:42:30 - Outro & Plugs
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