One HEAT Minute: Episode #73 - Joe Lynch
One Heat Minute Productions · 35 minutes ·

One HEAT Minute: Episode #73 - Joe Lynch

ONE HEAT MINUTE is the podcast examining Michael Mann's 1995 crime opus HEAT minute by minute. It's the 73rd minute (1:12:00-1:13:00) - host Blake Howard joins one of the Top 3 HEAT obsessives in the known universe, the immensely talented director of MAYHEM, EVERLY and the upcoming Frank Grillo and Anthony Mackie action thriller POINT BLANK for Netflix, friend of the show, Joe Lynch. Blake brings Joe for the first face to infrared face (or "infrablue" in the Michael Mann universe) between Vincent Hannah and Neil McCauley.

Correction: "Captain Hydration" is not Chuck "Charlie" Adamson as my research to that point led me to believe. Adamson was a technical advisor on HEAT and plays Ancell in THIEF. Steven Ford, the son of former President of the Gerald Ford, plays "Officer Bruce" a.k.a Captain Hydration. He is though a Chuck Adamson look-a-like.

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