Chronically Smiling
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Chronically Smiling

" is a part of Chronic Connect Inc.  Chronic Connect Incorporated seeks to serve the chronic illness community by providing resources and community for patients. We will be developing technology that allows patients to find local support, sending care packages to both patients and caregivers in need and creating programs for patient and caregiver support and education. We launched in April of 2017 and are currently applying for our 501(c)(3) license."

Ilana Jacqueline | Executive Director:

"I’m Ilana. I’m a rare and chronic disease patient and patient advocate from Boca Raton, FL. Taking care of my disease has been a struggle over the past few years, and Chronically Smiling is my way of saying thank you to the community who helped support me through some of my roughest flares, educated me on how to be a better patient, and helped me to know that there is life after a difficult diagnosis."

Ilana shares with us who qualifies for assistance from Chronically Smiling, what kind of assistance they provide, and how to apply for that assistance and support.

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