You're probably wondering what this episode is. This is one of my all-time favorite episodes from our friends over at the Alien Theorists Theorizing Podcast! When I'm not researching and creating new episodes of Somewhere in the Skies, I like to unwind with some comedy podcasts. And this is definitely one of those. But I can't quite give up the whole UFO thing either. So this is why I love listening to hosts, Zel, Braden, Andrew, and Dan as they navigate their way through the UFO muck to bring forth some of the most compelling cases, people, and theories in Ufology. Today, I'm dropping one of those episode in the feed so that you can hear these guys in action. I hope you enjoy, and I hope you'll consider subscribing to the Alien Theorists Theorizing podcast today!

Episode summary: On September 23, 1980, UFO investigator Leonard Stringfield received a letter that claimed to be from a former military security guard who had witnessed a series of events that sounded like they had come straight out of a science-fiction double feature. Under the pseudonym James Morse, the author of the letter would begin a years long correspondence with Stringfield, that culminated in alleged documentation of military service members coming into direct and violent contact with an extraterrestrial. Morse claimed to have witnessed the final minutes of an unidentifiable creature that had reportedly been shot by security personnel on the grounds of Fort Dix in New Jersey. Morse’s claims would fall in line with a book released in 2019 by a military intelligence officer who claimed to have been stationed on that same base and said they had interviewed a number of personnel who were involved in the events of Jan 18, 1978. This case file, join the Theorists as they shoot first, shoot again, shoot one more time, start to ask questions, but then shoot a couple more times while discussing…The Fort Dix Xenocide!

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