Pringle The Seagull Redux
Bear Island · 16 minutes ·

Pringle The Seagull Redux

Thanks to COVID, today we're going to revisit an old favorite -- the first time we ever meet Pringle the Seagull. Way up north where the fog... isn't that thick there's an island of... white sand beaches and round, gentle hills. Listen in as Pringle the Seagull attempts to join the most elite mail delivery team in the world!

Bear Island is a children’s podcast exploring the life and times of talking bears. The podcast is hosted, produced, and written by me, a stay-at-home father. Every story is inspired by the bedtime tales I tell my kids each night. We explore what scares and thrills kids and how to problem solve the daily mystery of life. It’s a feelings-forward joy! Come along and see bear island with me! A podcast for kids of all ages.For questions, comments, kudos or concerns, email bearislandpod (at) If you send a voice memo, you can be featured in a future episode!

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