Tin and the Violin Lessons
Bear Island · 13 minutes ·

Tin and the Violin Lessons

Today we step away from Bear Island for a story about Tin and his violin lessons. When Tin keeps showing up late to his lessons, his mother and his violin teacher wonder what's going on. Only after meeting a fairy and being shrunk down to the size of a spider does Tin learn to face his fears and play the instrument he loves.

Bear Island is a children’s podcast exploring the life and times of talking bears. The podcast is hosted, produced, and written by me, a stay-at-home father. Every story is inspired by the bedtime tales I tell my kids each night. We explore what scares and thrills kids and how to problem solve the daily mystery of life. It’s a feelings-forward joy! Come along and see bear island with me! A podcast for kids of all ages.For questions, comments, kudos or concerns, email bearislandpod (at) gmail.com. If you send a voice memo, you can be featured in a future episode!

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