SC 13 WORKIN' IT with Nicky Paris
Some Kind of Comedian · 39 minutes ·

SC 13 WORKIN' IT with Nicky Paris

Born and raised in New York, Nicky recently made the big move to sunny LA in order to stretch his comedic talents. By expanding his career training, honing is acting talents, and expanding his world-view, Nicky is on a tear to even greater comic success in 2021.

Nicky is a natural-born “funny guy,” always “on” and ready to fill any room with laughter. He’s a disciplined professional who writes daily and is ever on the lookout for an audience that needs a laugh. He’d like to land a big acting gig in LA (who wouldn’t?) but comedy is his first passion and all the world is his stage.


08:44 | Terry-Ann

Introducing, Nicky Paris: On-fire Stand-Up Comedian and Actor-in-the-making. Nicky has performed at New York’s Broadway Comedy Club and other major New York venues. His TV appearances include: The Wendy Williams Show and MTV’s specials Epic Fails and It’s Complicated. Nicky opened for Jim Florentine in Atlantic City and recently toured with Eric d’Alessandro. He was featured on Audible’s 2020 Pride Special Coming Out Party, and hosts LA’s TV’s The Zoo. Nicky’s features and interviews have spanned HuffPost, LOGO, OUT, Elite Daily and more!


10:50 | Terry-Ann/Nicky

The art of eating on the road.


12:15 | Terry-Ann/Nicky

Staten Island born; why I made the big, bold move to LA.


16:37 | Terry-Ann/Nicky

From Caroline’s “Breakout Artist Comedy Series” 2019 … what now drives me to grow and get better at comedy.


20:04 | Terry-Ann

What are your career expectations? What do you see next for yourself?


22:24 | Terry-Ann

Where do you find your comic inspiration?


25:10 | Terry-Ann/Nicky

On relationships, rules, dating, power plays and the rest.


28:00 | Terry-Ann/Nicky

Does Nicky have an “off switch?” And other things we can blame on parents.


37:16 | Terry-Ann/Nicky

OUTTAKE: from Gregory Stock, Ph.D.’s, The Book of Questions 1987 ed. TAZ asks “How many times during the day do you look at yourself in the mirror?”


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