SC 19 THE BEATLES AND ME with Helaine Witt
Some Kind of Comedian · 45 minutes ·

SC 19 THE BEATLES AND ME with Helaine Witt

To say The Beatles are part of Helaine’s life would be a vast understatement. As a groupie of the fab four in the 60’s, to following (ok, stalking) John, Paul, George and Ringo on several continents, Helaine remains a lifelong fan. Tune in with TA and Helaine, and follow along in her fascinating journey.


06:23 | Terry-Ann

Meet Helaine Witt! Helaine started her stand-up and improv career by taking classes from Robin Williams' colleagues at The Holy City Zoo in San Francisco. After returning to her native New York City from San Francisco, she continued comedy until her retirement after teaching in the early 2000's. She’s been performing in various clubs all over the NY region, throughout the U.S. and Canada. Guest appearances include: The Wendy Williams Show, including several STREET TALK segments. Joan Rivers even told some of her jokes on the Johnny Carson (Tonight) Show!


13:33 | Terry-Ann/Helaine

Early struggles, being a bad ass, not giving a #$@% - we all have a past.


14:38 | Helaine

Go west young (wo)man – the great exodus to California.


15:48 | Helaine

Life in San Francisco! Comedy, Comedy, Comedy! Come in the Comedy Club! Improv, Joan Rivers, Robin Williams and John Cantu too!


20:03 | Terry-Ann/Helaine

What’s in a “Beatlemania Room” anyway?


22:30 | Terry-Ann/Helaine

My long and winding road to England and meeting John & Paul.


28:08 | Terry-Ann/Helaine

Meeting up with Paul again in my 60’s.


34:37 | Terry-Ann/Helaine

My favorite BEATLE?


35:29 | Helaine

The worst part of Zoom? Asleep and naked?


39:58 | Terry-Ann/Helaine

Plans for 2021. Shout out to Rob Ciaoffi!


43:41 | Terry-Ann/Helaine

OUTTAKE: from Gregory Stock, Ph.D.’s, The Book of Questions 1987 ed. TAZ asks: You have the power to go any distance into the future and after one year, return to the present with any knowledge you have gained from your experience, but with no physical objects, just knowledge. Would you make the journey if it carried a 50 percent risk of death?


Helaine Witt




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