SC 5 KEEP MOVING with Kevin Dombrowski
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SC 5 KEEP MOVING with Kevin Dombrowski

Kevin describes his brand of comedy as “personal” drawing material from his family and life experiences. He loves performing comedy on the road – traveling the country with his mentor and close friend, Carlos Mencia – but considers New York Comedy Club his home club. “New York just does comedy right,” he says.

Kevin’s road to comedy is paved with dozen of odd jobs but never as a drug-dealer or prostitute – not that there’s anything wrong that. He now performs regularly on SiriusXM, hosts his Podcast, Just Joking, and is debuting his album, High on Molly.

Kevin says the best comedy advice he’s ever gotten is “You’re smarter than what you’re writing.” The best advice he can give is “Stop overthinking and keep moving.”


Episode 5 By the Numbers:

05:09 | Terry-Ann

Introducing, the very prickly, Kevin Dombrowski: Podcaster, Radio-er, Teacher, Comedian Host & Headliner!


08:27 | Terry-Ann/Kevin

We’re having a baby! Now what?


13:15 | Terry-Ann/Kevin

Teaching and writing comedy today – how do you work outside a normal comedy routine? Easing back into the “live” comedy scene.


19:29 | Kevin

On my road to SiriusXM Radio. What Just Happened!? Podcast with Keith Price.


26:28 | Kevin

Being the white guy who can hang – that’s my thing!


33:10 | Terry-Ann/Kevin

When asked … do the DRIVE!


38:38 | Terry-Ann/Kevin

OUTTAKE: from Gregory Stock, Ph.D.’s, The Book of Questions 1987 ed. TAZ asks “How many times during the day do you look at yourself in the mirror?


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