2020 February | Appalachian Planning with Jason Pyles
STEMS AND LEAVES · 70 minutes ·

2020 February | Appalachian Planning with Jason Pyles

Planning in Appalachia, convincing a community that you’re not taking  their jobs, and the future of autonomous vehicles in rural places. My  guest this week, Jason Pyles, and I discuss all this in more in one of  my favorite interviews yet. As a kick off to our discussions centered  around Geography and Geographic Information Science, I turn to Jason for  his expertise.
Jason works for the Buckeye Hills Regional Council as  one of two GIS professionals supporting the agency’s work. His position  is unique in that he is sort of a one-man-GIS-show and does all the  work entailed in GIS from top to bottom. He shared some great insights  into what it means to serve his regional community through his role in  technology.

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