How To Take Advantage Of A Career Change
Networking and Marketing Made Simple · 27 minutes ·

How To Take Advantage Of A Career Change

About Michele: 

Michele was born the daughter of a single Latina mother and worked her way into executive leadership. She founded Hartmetrics with the belief that everyone should be acknowledged for their talents and encouraged to pursue their dreams regardless of their resources.

Michele is a mentor with a passion for creating positive change for both individuals and organizations. The mission of Hartmetrics is to empower leaders who find themselves navigating the complexity of imposter syndrome by helping them implement systems to achieve their desired outcomes for positive growth.

Winner of the 2021 Small Business Success Award

Executive Leadership Consultant and Career Coach at Hartmetrics Consulting


25+ Year Travel Industry Veteran & Advocate


DEI Consultant

Talent Optimization Consultant, PI Partner

Podcast Host

Keynote Speaker for nonprofit and for-profit organizations and conferences

Connect with Michele Here: 

Michele Delgado
CEO, Hartmetrics | 551-265-5032

[email protected]
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