When Is The Right Time To Hire A VA
Networking and Marketing Made Simple · 27 minutes ·

When Is The Right Time To Hire A VA

About Kristy Yoder:

"I am the Founder and CEO of Smart VAs and the host of The Master Delegator Podcast, where I teach entrepreneurs and leaders to grow their businesses by delegating and hiring virtual assistants.

As a multi-skilled leader, I humbly worked my way from being a freelance virtual assistant and digital marketer to becoming an entrepreneur. I am passionate about helping stressed, and overwhelmed business owners get their time, freedom, and life back while running a successful business.

I built and trained a team based in the Philippines to help business owners scale their businesses while living a freedom-filled lifestyle. I have a team of more than 70+  and have served more than 200 businesses in the US together with my team since 2019. I grew my business from $0 to now close to 7-figure revenue and desire to help business owners achieve their business goals."

Learn more about Kristy and her agency at: https://www.kristyyoder.com/

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