Why Every Coach Needs A Mentor
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Why Every Coach Needs A Mentor

About Gail Seymor: 

Here's the deal. The Mentors Coaching Provider Training is free for everyone. You can start today and build your online learning business with no barrier to entry.

The Mentors Coaching platform is also free to start. You can create free or paid self-paced or instructor-led courses with or without proof and completion certificates, including commitment mode options. You can sell or schedule chat support, group sessions such as coaching, webinars, workshops, etc., and one-to-one single or packed sessions. 

And you can do all this with no monthly fee, just a simple commission structure that means if you don't earn, you don't pay.

Of course, there's a catch...

Here's the thing:

The other part of our philosophy is that getting your clients results is the only thing that matters. All the knowledge in the world won't help you if you don't implement it. And let's be honest, how many free courses have you signed up for and never started? Or you got started and wandered off at the first obstacle, thinking you'll return to it later.

How many of those did you get back to?

Because we know the importance of accountability and action, each level has a deadline, one or more action steps, and a proof of action requirement. You can watch the lessons at the level as much as you want. But if you want to progress to the next level, you must complete the action steps and provide a proof before the deadline expires.

Fail to complete a level before the deadline, and you will drop out of the course.

If you want to rejoin the course, you can only be in commitment mode, where you pay for the course upfront and get a portion of your fees back for every level you complete before the deadline.

Learn more about Gail and how she helps others at: https://main.mentorscoaching.com/

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