Are MLMs a Good Source of Income?
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Are MLMs a Good Source of Income?

Many of us are looking for another source of income. You might try to look for a side gig to start a new full-time business. One way that many people use to make money is multilevel marketing (MLM).

However, an MLM might not be your best option when it comes to a source of income. In fact, many of the MLM companies out there are more like pyramid schemes than anything else.

Consumer advocate and MLM expert Brian MacFarland from Lazy Man And Money joins us to talk about MLM companies and the reality of trying to use them to make money.

Important issues discussed in this episode:

  • Reasons that people turn into MLM companies for income.
  • What makes MLMs so attractive?
  • Are there any good MLM companies?
  • How can you increase your chances of making and MLM a source of income?
  • Warning signs that you are dealing with an outright scam.

Panelists In This Episode:

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