How To Prepare For Financial Milestones
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How To Prepare For Financial Milestones

We’re told that there are certain financial milestones we’re supposed to reach in order to be successful. Some of the main financial milestones considered “normal” include college, marriage, buying a home, having children and retirement.

Do you have to reach all of those milestones, though? How do you decide which milestones should be part of your own life? In this episode, recorded on our one-year anniversary, a crew of past guests join us to talk about milestones, money and how to plan for the life you want to live.

Some important questions discussed in this episode:

  • Do you really need to hit all the traditional financial milestones you’re expected to reach?
  • How do you decide which milestones really matter?
  • Why are you working toward certain financial milestones anyway?
  • What are the strategies you can use to reach the milestones that are important to you?

Panelists In This Episode:

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