Episode 332: Cryptids: The Flatwoods Monster & The Melonheads
Morbid · 60 minutes · 2 months ago

Episode 332: Cryptids: The Flatwoods Monster & The Melonheads

You like creepy shit? You wanna hear about some cryptids? Cool, this is the episode for you then. Alaina brings us the real life experiences of those who have encountered the Flatwoods Monster, which resides in West Virginia. Was it extraterrestrial, was it the government, did it happen? Yes to all. Ash then dives into the legend of the Melonheads, a heartbreaking and terrifying tale all at the same time! Thank you to listeners Haley and Kristen for their stories about their experiences with these cryptids. If you want to send us a suggestion for a Cryptid to cover, or your experience with a cryptid in general send them in to [email protected] with “Cryptid” somewhere in the subject line :)

Mysterious Universe Melonheads encounters

The Flatwoods Monster documentary by Small Town Monsters

Visit the Flatwoods Monster museum!

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