The Bill & Melinda Gates foundation was part of Event 201, a working group that analyzed possible scenarios for a global catastrophe. He himself did a coronavirus pandemic drill in October 2019 organized by the Johns Hopkins University Center for Health Security, the World Economic Forum and The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Interestingly, the test was conducted two months before the coronavirus pandemic, which led to the identification of the disease COVID-19.
23rd of October 2022 the Bill Gates Foundation provided the opening remarks for the simulation session themed " Catastrophic Contagion" - or SEERS 2025. Experts simulated a series of meetings of the Health Emergencies Advisory Council of the World Health Organization (WHO). In which another pandemic posed by 2025 was addressed. The Session, Led by Bill Gates, featured health experts from Senegal, Rwanda, Angola, Liberia, Nigeria, India, Singapore and Germany, who sought answers on how to respond to the pandemic based in one part of the world.
Like COVID-19, the disease will spread rapidly, become a pandemic with a death rate comparable to that of COVID-19 and disproportionately affecting children and youth; according to study estimates, 20 million people will die of which 15 million will be children.
Is this simulation just that or like Covid-19 is this an indirect warning that another pandemic is on the horizon for 2025?  

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