PPP 325 | Managing Up And Conversations About Race, With Author Dana Brownlee

PPP 325 | Managing Up And Conversations About Race, With Author Dana Brownlee

Two Interviews in One

I've been looking forward to sharing this interview with Dana Brownlee for many weeks. In many ways, it's two interviews wrapped up into one.

We start by talking with Dana about her book entitled The Unwritten Rules of Managing Up: Project Management Techniques from the Trenches. It's a book packed with insights to help manage those who manage us!

But I didn't want to miss the opportunity to have a conversation with Dana about race. She's a valued voice in my life on many topics--including race--and I so appreciate the insights she shares with us today.

Learn more about Dana and her work at https://professionalismmatters.com/. Also, check out her YouTube channel at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCfFT3dbydRwGM2_qBz-lt_A.

Finally, in the interview, she mentions an article she wrote about Martin Luther King's letter from the Birmingham jail. Click here to read that article.


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