PPP 343 | How To Cultivate Change At Work By Thinking Like A Gardener, Not A Mechanic

PPP 343 | How To Cultivate Change At Work By Thinking Like A Gardener, Not A Mechanic

Leading in an Ecosystem

We’re continuing a series of episodes on the topic of change. Back in episode 339 we talked with Katy Milkman about her book How to Change, which provided some helpful insights into the behavioral science of change.

But what if you are planning to lead a change initiative. Beyond what Katy brought us from behavioral science, I wanted to bring you a process—something that is practical, memorable, and tested across industries. And I’m glad to say I found it!

In this episode I’m excited to introduce you to Gary Lloyd, author of Gardeners Not Mechanics: How to Cultivate Change at Work. I’m not a gardener but I find Gary’s approach to be practical for changes you want to lead at work and in your personal life. I can’t wait to share the discussion with you.

Learn more about Gary at GardenersNotMechanics.com/.


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Thank you for joining me for this episode of The People and Projects Podcast!

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