005 Thin Places in Dingle, Ireland
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005 Thin Places in Dingle, Ireland

Segment 1- Mindie



Dingle has all of the elements people want to experience on an Ireland tour – pristine beaches, rolling hills with 40 shades of green, wild landscapes with cliffs and crashing waves, ancient historic monuments, vibrant towns, Irish culture – music, dance the pub culture, off-shore island visits, wonderful interpretive centers, fabulous food, a significant arts culture, mountains, valleys, sacred sites. Dingle has them all. It’s a worthwhile place to spend several days.

Segment 2 – Guest Interview


We are lucky today to have with us today, Kevin O’Shea from Celtic Nature Walking Tours.


Celtic Nature Walking Tours

SEGMENT 3 – Dingle’s spiritual vibe

Dingle has an energy that naturally connects with human spirituality. Being in Dingle lends itself to mediation, to reflection and raising one’s spiritual vibration. Dingle is a thin place.

People have written entire books about Dingle and many of them feature the draw inward, personal transformation.

Chet Raymo, who was a professor of Physics and Astronomy at Stonehill College in Massachusettes is also a brilliant writer and poet. He had a summer home in Dingle and wrote the book Climbing Brandon about Mount Brandon. He also wrote Honey for Stone, A Naturalist’s Search for God about his experiences in Dingle.

Chet admits that he’s an agnostic and states that his academic training, has led to his rejection of the religious principles he was taught as a child. He’s basically agnostic. But he writes the Dingle landscape tends to stir his own spirituality.

Honey from Stone: A Naturalist’s Search for God

Mindie’s Experience – Man in the Sand

Mark Patrick Hederman, OSB quote:

On the summit of Mount Sinai, on the road to Santiago, God does not stand any closer or speak any louder. But we listen better.”


Carol Cronin of Dingle Interview on Thin Places

10 Things You Must Do in Dingle



SEGMENT 4 – 10 Things to do in dingle



Ten Things You Must Do in Dingle

Map of 10 things to do in Dingle

Folk Concert at St. James Church

O’Sullivan’s Courthouse Pub

Carol Cronin Gallery

Courtney’s Bakery

Celtic Nature Walking Tours

An Gailearai Beag – West Kerry Craft Guild

Harry Clarke Windows



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