011 Carrowkeel Megalithic Complex with Martin Byrne
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011 Carrowkeel Megalithic Complex with Martin Byrne

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Martin Byrne lives in Cliffony in north County Sligo, but he spent many years living at Carrowkeel, close to the shores of Lough Arrow.  Carrowkeel is a 5000 year old megalithic complex of ancient buildings that served as tombs scattered across the summits of the Bricklieve Mountains.  This area is in the close company of other megalithic sites that include Kesh Corran also known as the caves of kesh, the Heapstown Cairn, Creevykeel Court tomb, Carrowmore Megalithic Cemetery, Knocknarea – the sacred mountain with the large cairn on top. 


Martin states on his website that several of the Carrowkeel megalithic chambers are illuminated by the light of the sun and the moon.


Martin has spent many years entering content onto his website carrowkeel.com. It’s one of the most comprehensive websites for information on sacred Ireland. He is a husband and father, a musician and writer and tour guide.  You might be able to meet Martin if you visit Carrowmore Megalithic Cemetery in Sligo, because he works there as a guide.


For the last 20 years Martin been a freelance guide. Now he works for Ireland’s OPW (Office of Public Works - which includes tourist sites), based at Carrowmore and research local history, specifically Fr Michael O'Flanagan, a local rebel priest who was in Sligo in 1915.


Martin also teaches and plays traditional Irish music. he and his musician colleagues have a session in the house every week, with up to 30 people attending. We’re very happy to have Martin as a guest on this podcast.


segment 2 – Martin byrne interview


 Martin Byrne  - About Martin Byrne

Martin’s websites and discussion groups

Carrowkeel – Sacred Ireland website

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Creevykeel Court Tomb

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Fr. Michael O’Flanagan website





Janus Figure - after Janus the roman god with two faces


Caldragh Cemetery


St. Brynach’s Church in Nevern, WalesNevern High Cross


Bleeding Yews of Nevern


Sacred Ireland, by Cary Meehan



Five Steps for the Traveler to Thin Places:


  1. How were you led there?
  2. Trace the route that led you
  3. Notice the signs as you enter - elevate your senses
  4. Record your memories.
  5. Build your internal gateway at home.

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