Empathy...with Kylie Unell
The Power Of · 51 minutes ·

Empathy...with Kylie Unell

Do you ever feel like an outsider? What does Judaism have to say about the Black Lives Matter movement? Was Moses the first biracial Jew? Listen in as Noam and Kylie talk about what it means to "see color," the limits of the English language, and how personal struggles shape us as people.   About Kylie Unell: Kylie is a Dean's Doctoral Fellow at NYU concentrating in Jewish philosophy. She was named an "aspiring Jewish philosopher" by the New York Jewish Week's 36 Under 36. Kylie is a writer, podcaster, and the co-producer of the comedy show, Sweepstakes Comedy. She also runs Models of Faith, a photoblog sharing the stories of millennials who take their faith seriously.   ~~~~   The Power Of is brought to you thanks to our generous Platinum level supporters, The Mayberg Foundation, and David and Debra Magerman, as well as our additional gold level supporters, Sheryl & Gerald Hartman, and bronze level supporters, the Crain-Maling Foundation. ~~~~ Learn more about Unpacked: https://jewishunpacked.com/about/
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