Fashion...with Chavie Lieber
The Power Of · 48 minutes ·

Fashion...with Chavie Lieber

Do you ever feel uncomfortable in your own skin? Do the clothes you choose to wear matter? What does "dressing for success" really mean? This week hear what Noam and Chavie have to say about self expression through clothes, the fast fashion environmental crisis, and...string bikinis?     Chavie Lieber is an award-winning journalist, with a focus on fashion and business. She is currently a staff writer at The Business of Fashion, a global fashion publication based in London, as well as an adjunct professor at Stern College. A graduate of the Columbia Journalism School, her work has appeared in The New York Times, New York Magazine, and Vox.     ~~~~     The Power Of is brought to you thanks to our generous Platinum level supporters, The Mayberg Foundation, and David and Debra Magerman, as well as our additional gold level supporters, Sheryl & Gerald Hartman, and bronze level supporters, the Crain-Maling Foundation.     ~~~~     Learn more about Unpacked:   Visit Unpacked on YouTube: 

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