Healthy Disagreements...with Judah Mischel
The Power Of · 44 minutes ·

Healthy Disagreements...with Judah Mischel

What do you do when you feel betrayed? Is it possible to love someone you radically disagree with? What if you just don't want to “agree to disagree”? This week, join Noam and Rav Judah as they discuss atheism, toxic relationships, and the great green vs black olive debate.   Rav Judah Mischel is the Executive Director of Camp HASC, the Hebrew Academy for Special Children. He is also the Mashpiah of OU-NCSY, founder of Tzama Nafshi and the author of newly published Baderech: Along the Path of Teshuva (Mosaica Press, Elul 5781).   ~~~~     The Power Of is brought to you thanks to our generous Platinum level supporters, The Mayberg Foundation, and David and Debra Magerman, as well as our additional gold level supporters, Sheryl & Gerald Hartman, and bronze level supporters, the Crain-Maling Foundation.     ~~~~     Learn more about Unpacked:   Visit Unpacked on YouTube:

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