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I am a business owner, composer, and a collector of fine things.

Aliencarvings originated in 2021 as a research project upon finding carvings over the past few years with some striking unique depictions of aliens and UFOs coming from Mexico. When having a deeper look, a bottomless pit of anomaly filled experiments opened in front of us. This lead us to start documenting what we where seeing.

After years of Collecting carving specimen, the exquisite craftsmanship and unique techniques on a multitude of levels really made me question who is the artist(s) of such an amazing story. Who is producing this extensive style for the market and how are they doing it for such a low cost. Gold, gems, complex cuts, perfect yet imperfect details with excessive expression and unique original story. The historical, geometrical, and spiritual relevance connecting cultures from across the world captivated me enough to continue to collect!

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