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100 Austin Linney

About Austin: I started in the hospitality industry. All went quite well, I gained maximum trust from my superiors and quickly climbed up the corporate ladder. However, something was not quite right. It wasn't enough for me. I had it all but inside, I was unhappy. And before I knew it, I was walking down a path to nowhere. I jumped off into the heavy use of meth and alcohol.
At the beginning I was a "highly functional drug addict and alcoholic". But it didn't last too long so my destructive behaviours cut up with me...I hit the wall doing 105 mph after I stayed up for 7 days straight on crystal meth. I had lost 20 lbs and was a far cry from anything that looks like myself. This all turn into wrecking my car, getting kicked out of my home, and for a time sleeping in a friend's closet underneath his stairs.
At some point you have to get tired of your own bullshit and stop blaming others.
I knew I needed help to truly breakthrough.
My moment came to me on a coaching call when my mentor asked me;
If you were to be extremely successful 10 years from now, what is the one thing holding you back from getting there? Without thinking I said "DRUGS and ALCOHOL“. There it was the seed planted. That one question changed my entire life. There, was the foundation for everything that took place in the coming years. Recovered from my addiction, I had to put a plan into place to keep growing as an individual and entrepreneur. I was always attracted to Short-term rental investing. I started with one property and quickly took my portfolio up to three within a year. I then surrounded myself with the right people and we now own and manage properties all over the US.
From Crystal Meth to real estate investing... who could have known?
Currently, I'm building out businesses in construction, development and property management. I also work on short term rental hotel projects.
Quickly, people started asking me for advice and I decided to start my own consulting business for individuals /companies in the areas of sales, money raising, and mindset training.
I will continue to create an impact, first driven focus on the world.
I always tell myself I want to create cool things with cool people. I can use everything I have been through as a beacon of light to guide others people to the best version of themselves.
I will continue to fight for everyone I meet and walk off this earth impacting the lives of everyone around me.

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