Closing the Distance.
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Closing the Distance.

Season Finale BB!!

We have the absolutely I N C R E D I B L E  Alisha Norris Jones of Immortal Milk with us for our finale and to say that we are inspired would be a massive understatement. 

We will just say it - Alisha is an absolute badass and her background is such a journey. 

Hailing from Boston, Alisha walks us through her background in the study of religion to how she became apart of the industry here in Chicago and how they landed within the specialty food industry. 

Speaking transparently about recognizing their trauma signs, she touches upon her introduction to the world of cheese while working at Whole Foods but doing so as a resource to such a richly diverse clientele. 

We get a bit deeper and discuss how her craft has evolved within a predominantly white centered space and how she continues to carve her way through an industry that is wildly unknown to many facets of hospitality spaces. 

Alisha approaches this conversation with candor, passion, humor and a vast amount of knowledge that left us craving more and we’re utterly thankful that she shared her realties with us. 

These are the conversations that we love having and we couldn’t be happier to round out this season with such a definitive character. 

We may have wrapped this season but we will be back sooner than later with a fresh resource driven website for the masses and merch for the culture. 

Also - we must thank our friends at 3 Floyd’s Distilling for their support and the garn:t crew for beverages that reach the altitude of Immortal Milk. 

Stay Up and Stay Golden, 

The T o S Crew.

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