Access, Equity, and Inclusion
For the Record, An AACRAO Podcast · 43 minutes · 2 years ago

Access, Equity, and Inclusion

The registrar can be an advocate for students in many ways. One of the critical ways is putting equitable systems in place that support student success. In this episode we discuss the framework of access, equity, and inclusion, and discuss ways that registrars’ offices can be working toward a goal of equitable policies, practices, and procedures while increasing the cultural competencies of registrar staff.  


Cassandra Moore, Director of Enrollment Development and Admissions
Anne Arundel Community College
[email protected] 

Soraira Urquiza, Registrar
The American Film Institute
[email protected] 

Key Takeaways: 

  • Equity in education requires putting systems in place that ensures every student has an opportunity for success.
  • Registrars can make a difference for students at their institutions by applying an equity focus to their policies, procedures, and practices;
  • Improving staff’s cultural competencies should be an intentional pursuit; 
  • “Equity is the new kale.” (It’s cool to talk about but it’s only beneficial if you actually engage with it.)

References and Additional Reading:

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