Episode 02: A History of the Student Record
For the Record, An AACRAO Podcast · 36 minutes · 3 years ago

Episode 02: A History of the Student Record

In this episode of For the Record, we converse with Dr. Ethan Hutt from the University of Maryland and learn about the development of the student record and the role higher education (and registrars in particular) had in shaping it into what it is today.  

Guest: Dr. Ethan Hutt, University of Maryland   
Assistant Professor, Department of Teaching and Learning, Policy and Leadership

PhD, Stanford University, 2007 – 2013
MA, Stanford University, 2007 – 2009
BA, Yale University, 2001 – 2005

References / Links:

Hutt, Ethan L. “A Brief History: A History of the Student Record.” Ithaka S&R: September, 2016: 1-32.

Extra Credit Reading Section:

Twentieth-Century Higher Education: Elite to Mass to Universal by Martin Trow (Author), Michael Burrage (Editor)

The GI Bill: The New Deal for Veterans (Pivotal Moments in American History) by Glenn Altschuler and Stuart Blumin

The G.I. Bill, the Veterans, and the Colleges by Keith W Olson 

Student Records Management: Retention, Disposal, and Archive of Student Records , AACRAO 

Special thanks to Heather Abbott, Associate Registrar at Yale Law School, for introducing me to Dr. Hutt’s article.


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