Feedback #04: Voices in Autism / Aspergers Syndrome

Feedback #04: Voices in Autism / Aspergers Syndrome

On this recording we do a bit more of an editorial coverage episode - we are highlighting Voices in Autism / Aspergers Syndrome as this has been quite heavily requested in our forum meetings


We intend to follow up on this subject with guests / allies for the further support and education of Autism awareness but for now we have been forwarded some great content we want to share with our audience


This podcast only contained snippets of the longer conversations / talks - please find full links below 






01. World Autism Awareness: A Message from Claire Murdoch | NHS


02. Autism: Graeme's story | NHS


03. Autism and Aspergers: 5 intriguing differences (YOU need to know)


04. Women and Autism. Towards a Better Understanding | Sarai Pahla


05. Why Everything You Know About Autism Is Wrong | Jac den Houting






National Autism Society  -



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