Episode 137: Shipping & Song Lyrics
Shipping Room Podcast · 55 minutes ·

Episode 137: Shipping & Song Lyrics

Inspired by Taylor Swift's newest album, Folklore, we've seen SO many Twitter threads this week taking TSwift's lyrics and putting them to GIF's of people's favorite 'ships. 

Which made us think, "What song lyrics inspire us to think about OUR favorite ships?" 

We're also lamenting the lack of Latinx artists being nominated for Emmys, celebrating Dustin Milligan's birthday, and talking about what it takes to be asked to leave a Starbucks.

As always, the conversation doesn't end here! Find us on social media @shippingroompod and share your thoughts with us! We can't wait to hear them!

This episode is brought to you by Candlewick Press, publisher of The Mermaid The Witch and the Sea, the new YA fantasy novel by Maggie Tokuda Hall. You can get your copy here:


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Episode 137: Shipping & Song Lyrics

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