Episode 157: Saved by the Bell with Matt Pais
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Episode 157: Saved by the Bell with Matt Pais

We were SO excited to be joined this week by author Matt Pais, who wrote the book Zack Morris Lied 329 Times! (link below) to talk about the classic Saved by the Bell!

Was Zack Morris the worst? Why do we fondly remember Zack & Kelly? Were Jessie and Slater the better Bayside couple? Did Tori even exist? Why didn't Lisa ever get a boyfriend? 

We're answering these questions and also breaking down a few of Zack's many lies, talking about some of our favorite episodes, and more!

Click here to buy Zack Morris Lied 329 Times! by Matt Pais

Get your copy of Kensington Books' Rebecca Zanetti's Driven here!

As always, the conversation doesn't end here! Find us on social media @shippingroompod and share your thoughts with us. We can't wait to hear them! 

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Episode 157: Saved by the Bell with Matt Pais

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