Leaning Towards a Hoax  | 2/15/19
Pat Gray Unleashed · 98 minutes ·

Leaning Towards a Hoax  | 2/15/19

Pat Gray Unleashed Topics:

Hour 1: Can Democrats really be calling for the impeachment of the President? Andrew McCabe’s new book, “The Threat” reveals his account of the Trump Administration. Trump’s “weight gain” lands him in the obese category, but does four pounds really matter? Jeffy rates the best fast-food fries while Pat urges patrons to walk out of restaurants if they’re serving breakfast potatoes instead of hash-browns. We’re hoping this becomes a global movement…. Will we see the border wall in our future... all 55 miles of it? AOC’s money struggles may be behind her and Amazon says “So long!” to New York City. 

Hour 2: The El Chapo Border Wall. Can we use his money to build the long awaited wall… Ted Cruz may have the plan. Georgia may begin taxing streaming services like Netflix and Soundcloud which could increase prices for customers. Congresswoman Ilhan Omar clashes with Elliott Abrams during a congressional hearing . Suspects in Jussie Smollett’s attack may have been located and Alex Jones is in hot water… again. 

Title:  Leaning Towards a Hoax   | 2/15/19

Season: 2019

Episode: 33
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