Let's get this party started! On this inaugural episode of Choosing Sides: F1, comedian Michael Kosta (of Daily Show fame) and walking pop-culture encyclopedia Lily Herman start a hilarious, engrossing journey into the world of Formula One. Our resident-F1-expert Lily takes our resident-F1-novice Michael through the basics of what makes F1 just so dramatic and obsession-worthy. They’ll dive into big questions such as, why does everyone in this sport have a massive ego? Why are there only 10 teams and 20 drivers? And why are Americans suddenly invested in F1 en masse?

Special thanks to our guests: Tatiana Calderon, Hazel Southwell, and Toni Cowan Brown
This episode was produced by Lily Herman and Senior Producer Yochai Maital. Sound Design by Yochai Maital. Mastering by Sela Waisblum. Recording at The Cutting Room Studios by Rob O'Leary II. At SI Studios, Max Miller is Executive Producer and Brannan Goetschius is Head of Audio. At iHeartRadio, Sean Titone is Executive Producer.

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