Now that Michael knows the basics of Formula 1, it’s time to get into the teams. On the first episode of this two-parter, Lily and Michael learn all about the eight-time World Constructors’ Champion Mercedes.

After spending the better part of the 2010s and the very early 2020s dominating the sport, Mercedes has hit a bit of a rough patch. But before they get to that, the pair will talk about the team’s early tragic history in Formula 1 and the guy at the head of the program whom the masses call Daddy Toto.

Special thanks to our guests: Jennie Gow, and Toni Cowan Brown.
This episode was produced by Lily Herman and Senior Producer Yochai Maital. Sound Design by Yochai Maital. Mastering by Sela Waisblum. Recording at The Cutting Room Studios by Rob O'Leary II. At SI Studios, Max Miller is Executive Producer and Brannan Goetschius is Head of Audio. At iHeartRadio, Sean Titone is Executive Producer.

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