Ennead I by Plotinus
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Ennead I by Plotinus

This first of the six Enneads (ΕΝΝΕΑΔΕΣ) written by Plotinus (ΠΛΩΤΙΝΟΣ); arranged by Porphyry (ΠΟΡΦΥΡΙΟΣ) and translated by Kenneth Sylvan Guthrie contains the following nine books:

1. The Organism and the Self

2. Concerning Virtue

3. Of Dialectic, or the Means of Raising the Soul to the Intelligible World

4. Whether Animals May Be Termed Happy

5. Does Happiness Increase With Time?

6. Of Beauty

7. Of the First Good, and of the Other Goods

8. Of the Nature and Origin of Evils

9. Of Suicide 

Photograph: Girl standing near tree by Kusakabe Kimbei (Japan, 1870s - 1890s). Scanned by the J. Paul Getty Museum. 

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