Ennead II by Plotinus
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Ennead II by Plotinus

This second of the six Enneads (ΕΝΝΕΑΔΕΣ) written by Plotinus (ΠΛΩΤΙΝΟΣ); arranged by Porphyry (ΠΟΡΦΥΡΙΟΣ) and translated by Kenneth Sylvan Guthrie contains the following nine books:

1. Of the Heaven

2. About the Movement of the Heavens

3. Whether Astrology is of any Value

4. Of Matter

5. Of the Aristotelian Distinction Between Actuality and Potentiality

6. Of Essence and Being

7. About Mixture to the Point of Total Penetration

8. Of Sight

9. Against the Gnostics; or, That the Creator and the World are Not Evil. 

Painting: The Victory of Faith by St. George Hare, c. 1890-91.


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