Filing Your 2021 Taxes – A Primer of What to Know for This Year's Tax Season

Filing Your 2021 Taxes – A Primer of What to Know for This Year's Tax Season

It's the most wonderful time of the year! Whoops, off by a few months there. It's not, in fact, the most wonderful time of the year because it's – drumroll, please – tax season. Sorry, Andy Williams, your catchy holiday tune is no good here. But as dreadful as tax time can be, it's still an important part of any financial situation. Whether you withheld too much and you're about to get a veritable pile of cash from Uncle Sam, or you did the opposite, and you're on the verge of forking over a chunk of change, there are myriad factors at play and tidbits to be aware of. 

That's where Mitch DeWitt, CFP®, MBA, and Jonathon Jordan, CFP®, CEPA, come into play. Two of Walkner Condon's financial advisors sat down to discuss the key themes to keep in mind this tax season. And even if you've already filed, the knowledge dropped in this episode could prove valuable to your situation – or perhaps someone you know. After all, it takes a village. That phrase works here, right? And while it's admittedly not our most clickbaity podcast of all time, Mitch and Jonathon do a remarkable job of at least making it sound interesting. That counts for something, we think.

As yet another reminder, Mitch & Jonathon are not licensed tax professionals, so please, please consult one (or send us an email and we can help connect you to one). And don't forget, we recently dropped our 2022 Investment & Market Outlook Guide, which you can find in the link section below. 

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