There are many year-end memes floating around the internet – those who frequent social media know what we're talking about – referencing how painstakingly long, yet shockingly short, 2021 has felt (seriously, the stuck boat was this year?). But, like it or not, 2022 is bearing down on us. And reflecting on the last 12 months, and looking ahead with anticipation, or dread, to the next 12 months, is a natural part of this yearly territory in which we currently find ourselves. 

So as cliché as New Year's resolutions might be (new year, new me!), they're not going anywhere, unlike the folks who commit to going to the gym for the first week of the New Year before giving up (sounds like a certain Gimme Some Truth podcast editor). We figured we'd lean right into the New Year's resolution talk, re-framing them and applying them to our financial lives. Mitch DeWitt, CFP®, MBA, and Jonathon Jordan, CFP®, CEPA, discuss their approaches to New Year's resolutions, financial resolutions and goals you may want to think about in 2022, and more. For good measure, Mitch and Jonathon also put their 2022 resolutions out into the universe (so we can hold them accountable at the end of 2022). 

What are your 2022 goals/resolutions? Let us know in the episode Q&A on Spotify, send us a voice message, or drop us an email. If you need help with your financial goals for the new year, don't hesitate to reach out.

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