With lots of traveling time coming up as we approach the holiday season – and perhaps some additional indoor time for those of us in wintery climes – we thought it'd be a great opportunity to transform this episode into a mini-book club of sorts. 

While the phrase 'finance book' may conjure up thoughts of a thick college textbook printed in a six-point font, we can assure you that these recommendations from Clint and Nate are far from that type of finance. Walkner Condon Financial Advisors' founding partners each share their top three books related to business, investing, or money, which includes a very obvious choice and several other choices that are a bit more nuanced. If you're looking for something to dig into over the holidays, or you're just in need of a new read, we'd highly suggest these. 

Have you already read one or more of our suggestions? Or is your favorite book in this genre not on our list? Let us know by answering the Q&A in Spotify or send us a message ([email protected]). 

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