Addicted To The Climb podcast with Kelley Tyan

This is your GO-TO podcast for Christian women who are ready to stop making excuses and begin to CLIMB higher in FAITH, FITNESS, HEALTH, and MINDSET.

Do you want to grow in faith, courage, and strength so when you face life's battles, you are fully equipped, God's way? Are you tired of doing everything your way and not seeing the results you dream about? Do you wish you had a faith fueled community of friends who encourage you and cheer for you along your journey? Are you ready to conquer your fears so you can grow into the woman God created you to be?

There IS a way, and God has a plan for you!
Welcome to Addicted To The Climb!

Hi! I am Kelley Tyan, a leading faith fueled women's coach, podcaster, best selling author, speaker, and breast cancer survivor.
I am going to help you to get addicted to climbing higher in your faith, fitness, and mindset so you can start living the life God has in store for you, which is purposeful, meaningful, and happy!
Each week you will hear real conversations and hear my personal stories that will help you shift from why me, to watch me!
You will become more energized, inspired, and ready to face your mountains with more faith, more grace, and a determination to never stop climbing.
No one succeeds alone so welcome to the Addicted to the Climb Community!
Don't forget to subscribe, leave me a review, and share an episode with a friend! You can find me at, @kelleytyan, and on Facebook and Linkedin at Kelley Tyan.
Addicted To The Climb podcast with Kelley Tyan

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Prayer Always Wins, Here's Why!
21 minutes

Prayer Always Wins, Here's Why!

10 Life Changing Rules To Live By
28 minutes

10 Life Changing Rules To Live By

3 Ways To Increase Your FAITH!
17 minutes

3 Ways To Increase Your FAITH!

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