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Hi! It's Paz and Sophie Monsef-Romero, we are extra and everyone who knows it would agree that our podcast name, “Always Extra” is super fitting. We have been “extra” excited about this new venture, because this podcast will be about love, relationships, struggles, happiness and everything in between. We are going to be as raw as possible with our listeners, sharing our world and hopefully helping anyone we can drag along the way. The modern world has a perception of a perfect relationship, but in our own and other successful couples’ experiences, perfection is flawed! So check your expectations at the door and join us every other Friday as we dive into any and all issues faced on the road to your perfect relationship. We also have guest appearances scheduled every month so we can see it from every point of view. From couple, to singles, and everyone extra, we can’t wait to share this awesome project with you all! Welcome to the the Always Extra Podcast, with Paz and Sophie🤍
Always Extra Podcast

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