Stay ahead of the game: Early intervention with disease modifying treatment for MS with Prof Klaus S

My guest in this episode is Prof Klaus Schmierer, Professor of Neurology at the Blizard Institute, Queen Mary University of London, and Consultant Neurologist at The Royal London Hospital, Barts Health NHS Trust, where he is the Research Lead for Neurology, Clinical Lead of the Day Case Unit, and BartsMS.

Prof Schmierer explains the important connection between healthy lifestyle and brain health. Prof Schmierer tells us what does that mean brain health to him personally.

During this interview we covered evidence based reasoning for early access to highly effective disease modifying therapies( DMT) for Multiple sclerosis, what are changes in managing MS disease these days and what is personalised care plan and treatment living with this condition. First impression what we consider may be mild MS , actually is not necessary a mild or benign MS. We discussed about MS that it can be treated as effectively and in timely manner as stroke these days. We discussed Ectrims(The European Committee for Treatment and Research in Multiple Sclerosis) international congress 2022 highlights of MS treatments including HCST. We discussed that MS is overall one disease and current classification RRMS
(relapsing remitting MS), SPMS ( Secondary progressive MS), PPMS ( Primary progressive MS), CIS ( Clinically isolated syndrome/first attack of MS), RIS( Radiologically isolated syndrome/ only changes on MRI scan) may be misleading. Is it worth treating RIS patients? There might be a hope for the whole MS community if we are treating early just before MS starts showing all signs and early symptoms. We discovered what inspires Prof Schmierer to implement changes and updates at his MS service, and also run MS Research efficiently and improve quality of life for people with MS.

More information about new clinical trial #attackMS which is open for recruitment email for more information: [email protected]
Stay ahead of the game: Early intervention with disease modifying treatment for MS with Prof Klaus S

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