Band of Mothers Podcast

“Band of Mothers Podcast” is a podcast for moms that’s not about parenting. 
Hosts and lifelong friends, Shayna Ferm and Tracey Tee, (creators of the hit, national touring comedy show, ”The Pump and Dump Show”) focus on one central theme over several hilarious, binge-worthy episodes, as they explore life as 40-something women who also happen to be moms. 
Like no podcast you’ve heard before, each episode is its own variety show, featuring real moms’ call-in stories, games, original comedy, original music and inspiring guest interviews. After a delightfully entertaining hour with Shayna and Tracey, you’ll feel like you laughed as much as you learned, and most importantly you’ll know that you truly belong to a #BandofMothers.
Band of Mothers Podcast

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Goodbye for Now
48 minutes ·

Goodbye for Now

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