Bear Christianity

I grew up in a Christian home, graduated from a Christian school, and was part of a family who seemed to be at church all the time. Inspired by the book, "Mere Christianity", by C.S. Lewis, I became obsessed with knowing why I believe what I believe. Is Christianity true or was I brainwashed by my parents and teachers? This podcast is about my journey searching for truth.I am not a pastor and my episodes are not meant to be sermons. I cover topics that have interested me over the past several years of study. Each episode is uncut. I simply hit record and try to follow the outline in front of me. Who knows what we will get into?Join me if you have ever struggled with some of these questions:"Does God exist?""Why would a loving God send people to hell?""Is the Bible reliable?""Is Christianity the only true religion?""What is the Trinity?"

Bear Christianity

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Beginnings 17: Day of Rest
26 minutes

Beginnings 17: Day of Rest

Creation, Light, and the Gospel
28 minutes

Creation, Light, and the Gospel

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