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Introducing BEING ATHLETE - BEING HUMAN with Lena Bradaric! I'm Lena Bradaric, a former professional basketball and German National Team player and certified health coach. During my career as a professional athlete, I struggled with all kinds of eating disorders like anorexia, bulimia and orthorexia, body image issues, performance anxiety, severe physical injuries like ACL surgery or shoulder surgery, a millions of insecurities, self-doubt and depression. I experienced all of this while performing on the highest level in Europe.
Here, on BEING ATHLETE - BEING HUMAN, I will talk honestly about the life as a pro athlete and drop the fake. Together with interview guests, we will address topics related to relationships, career, self esteem, parents, coaches, health and much more.
Let's change this competitive sports world from a hard, selfish, “no feelings allowed”, introverted, “ellbows-out” world into a genuine, accepting, open, authentic, compassionate & connected world.
Let's become #Nextlevelathletes that are true role models for not only ourselves, our teams, our families or friends, but also for the next generations.
The first episode drops on Sunday, August 29th. Before you forget, follow BEING ATHLETE - BEING HUMAN so you'll get every show as soon as it's released.
Being Athlete Being Human Podcast

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