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Hey Mama!
How many bodily fluids do you have on your shirt right now? But seriously, this mom thing is no joke. We’re 3 sisters who wanted to do something to counter the culture of mom-shaming and unrealistic expectations for mothers. So what if you breastfeed or bottle feed? Work out of the home or in the home? Send your kids to private or public school? As sisters who were raised by the same mom and dad in the same home but who have unique parenting styles, we know that there’s no right way to raise kids. But we’ve felt empowered as we’ve learned from each other and other moms through respectful dialogue, and we want to let you in on our conversations. Join us as we discuss the hot topics of motherhood in a judgment-free zone. And learn with us as we interview women from diverse backgrounds about how they mother. Let’s open our minds to new ideas while laughing (and maybe peeing ;) along the way.
Ayo, Mika, and Jaclyn
Booster Chair Experts

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